Monday School Tuition and Fees


Registration Fee: $10 per semester

This fee helps offset our incidental costs associated with Monday School, such as maintenance supplies, copy fees, and insurance. 


Full-time Tuition: $225 per semester

Each semester is 14 weeks long, with Monday school lasting 6 hours each day. This averages out to approximately $16 per day.


Part-time Tuition: $50 per class period

For those students that are only interested in a few classes, we charge per class.


Study Hall: $15 per semester

Only one study hall is permitted, and only if we have sufficient tutors and volunteers. 


Supply or Curriculum Fee: Varies

Class fees are listed in the class descriptions. Not all classes have an additional supply or curriculum fee.


Payment Information:

Fees must be submitted with Registration Form.

Students that enroll in at least 4 courses may choose to use our installment plan. 


Installment Plan:

(1) With the Registration Form, pay all tuition and fees EXCEPT $125.

(2) Pay $50 on the first Monday of October.

(3) Pay $50 on the first Monday of November.

(4) Pay $25 on the first Monday of December.