Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the classes for students in lower grades?

We list all of our classes on the schedule. Unfortunately, we cannot offer classes for all grade levels each semester, and for the Fall 2014, we are only offering classes for 7th - 12th grades. 


Does my child have to attend Monday School full-time? 

No. Since Madison Christian supports homeschooling families, parents still decide which subjects will be taught at home and which may require an outside tutor. Therefore, parents may opt for their student to take a single class in a subject that neither wants to tacke, or they may choose to take as many classes they can. As always, the choice remains yours. We do require that a student leave campus when they are not in a class. Students that are enrolled in at least four courses may take one study hall, if necessary. 


Do I have to secure materials for each class my child takes at Monday School?

Possibly. Each tutor has different policies regarding the required texts and other materials. While some teachers provide all materials for a fee, others may either ask parents to acquire their own or provide different options. Most required materials are listed under the class descriptions. From time to time the tutor will ask for additional supplies to be brought in during the semester. 


Can I send my child to Monday School so that they can be in a study hall for several periods and receive homework help? 

No. We do not have adequate staff to allow students to stay on campus if they are not enrolled in at least 4 courses. We prefer that students choose classes instead of a study hall, but we understand that there may be a class period where a student feels his/her time would be better served to work on homework. We cannot allow students to come to Monday School just to "hang out" or to receive tutoring in courses they are not taking at Monday School.


Will my child receive a grade for the courses he/she takes? 

The parent will be responsible for grading daily assignments in core subjects. Some quizzes and tests may be graded in class or by the tutor. Assignments that are graded by the tutor will be recorded and submitted to the parent. It is up to the parent to determine the weight of each assignment and averaging the overall grade. 


Do I need to enroll my child in Madison Christian Academy in order to take classes at Monday School? 

Yes and No. A student must enroll in Madison Christian, our homeschool ministry (General Enrollment Form) in order to participate in any of our programs. However, your child does not have to enroll in Madison Christian Academy (Academic Enrollment Form) in order to participate in Monday School. Students enrolled in our Academy are listed on our roster to the Board of Education and are working toward a diploma and official high school transcript from Madison Christian Academy. All grades for all courses of the Academy students must be submitted to the Administration of Madison Christian Academy.