Monday School Class Descriptions

for students in grades 7-12


*We reserve the right to cancel, combine, divide or otherwise alter our courses as Administration deems necessary.  

American Sign Language (Mrs. Angie Elkins)

This class is for first level signers, including those that have had an introduction to ASL. Students taking this class will learn basic signs for common vocabulary and general conversation. We will regularly practice receptive and expressive skills in large and small group settings. In addition, we will learn signs to songs and Bible texts in order to express worship and service to the Lord. It is my hope that students find this class to be very fun and enjoyable! This course is considered an enrichment course, but students should plan on spending some time practicing at home each week. High school credit may be awarded for those students completing additional assignements outside of class. This course could possibly be continued next semester.  

High School Biology Lab (Mrs. Kimberly Taylor)

This class is designed for those students who are currently taking high school Biology or have already taken high school Biology. This course will supplement any high school Biology course and can count as the lab portion of the credit. During this course, students will learn how to complete a lab notebook, work with a microscope, isolate DNA from split peas, identify cells in different stages of mitosis, perform some dissecting, and more. No homework is assigned. $30 Supply Fee. This course could possibly be continued next semester. 

Communication and Presentation Skills (Mrs. Ann Friend)

This class is not your ordinary Speech or Public Speaking class. Did you know that the words you use count for only 10%? Most of your message is non-verbal. In this class you will build your confidence through expressive reading, dramatic dialogue, illustrated story-telling and more while learning about appropriate use of gestures, props and eye contact. Our goal is to provide a fun way for students to become more comfortable speaking up! 

Family and Consumer Science (TBD)

This class will focus on the financial literacy side of FCS. Topics covered will include: banking, insurance, budgeting, taxes, loans, real estate, employment, college, and more. We will make this a fun and interactive class, with weekly projects to enhance learning. We will also plan on having a few guest speakers visit with us. This class can be used as an enrichment class or it can be used as part of a Consumer Math, Personal Finance, FCS, or Life Skills credit. 

Literature (Mrs. Ann Friend)

Students will read at home and the books will be discussed in class. Students will learn new vocabulary words with a focus on everyday usage. Reading with understanding will be stressed by verbal discussion, chapter summaries, plot diagrams, etc. This course can be used to supplement the Language Arts courses the students are taking at home. These courses can count toward the English I,II,III or IV that the high school student is taking. Students may be split by grade levels, if necessary (I:7th - 9th and II:10th -12th).  Some reading books may be provided, while others will need to be purchased or checked out from the library. 


Math Courses:

Parents must grade assignments at home, but there will be some in class quizzes from time to time to assess the student understanding of the concepts taught. Students are encouraged to use the math curriculum the tutor is using, but it is not mandatory. Our math courses can be used to enhance any math curriculum being used by the home teachers. Some teacher's guides may be found used online; you may purchase new ones through MCA, or you may check out the Teacher Guides and/or DVDs periodically to grade your student's lessons. Parents may also share a teacher's guide. 

Pre-Algebra (Mrs. Samantha Bradley)

Lessons will be taught each week based on the Math U See Pre-Algebra curriculum; however, the student will complete their own assignments at home based on their curriculum of choice. Curriculum Fee for a new Math U See Pre-Algebra Student Workbook is $36. A new Teacher DVD with score key is $63.

Algebra I Tutoring (Miss Charity Adams)

Key Algebraic concepts will be taught and reviewed each week. Lessons used from curriculum TBD.

Geometry (Miss Stacie Lawrence)

Lessons will be taught each week based on the Math U See Geometry curriculum, and it is highly recommended this curriculum be used. Curriculum fee for a new Math U See Geometry Student Workbook is $36. A new Teacher DVD with score key is $63.

Math ACT Prep (Mrs. Melinda Lawrence)

This class is geared toward high school students who wish to increase their ACT Scores. Strategies of taking the Math ACT Test will be discussed, along with explanations of sample Math ACT questions. A calculator is required (non-graphing is fine). This class can be used as part of a credit in Consumer Math or other math course. 

General Science Lab (Mrs. Samantha Bradley)

This class is designed as a supplement to any General Science course. Topics discussed and explored will include Geology, Astronomy, Plants and Animals, the Human Skeleton, and more. This is a hands on science class. No homework is required from this lab. Supply fee $15. 

Spanish II/III (Miss Stacie Lawrence)

This course is designed for those students that have already earned credit in Spanish. The students will review the basic Spanish language for the first few weeks as necessary. Students will be using the Alpha Omega Spanish curriculum as a basis for this course. $25 Curriculum fee required. Parents may purchase the teacher guide for home grading for $20, or they may check out a teacher guide periodically.  

Wars of the 20th Century (Mr. Jeff Curd)

In this class we will study the causes and effects of the major wars the United States was involved in during the 20th Century. Through class discussions, videos, and some home reading, students will learn about the key people and events of these wars and how they shaped our history. This course will include the study of World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We will occasionally have guest speakers who lived through these times, and we may take a field trip during the semester. This course can be considered an enrichment or supplemental course or for credit for high school students who complete the required assignments. Students may be split by grade levels, if necessary (I:7th -9th and II:10th - 12th).

Optional Elective or Study Hall (TBD)

Since we understand that we cannot possibly satisfy everyone's needs for classes, we may offer additional classes depending on enrollment as the Administration sees fit. Possible classes are: Life Skills, Cooking, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Yearbook, Videography, Photography, Family and Consumer Science, Art, etc. If you have a class period that your student has no class to take, please request an additional class. We will consider it if we have a few other students that will also need that class and if we can find a tutor for it. If we have sufficient tutors or volunteers then we will consider offering a study hall for those students who are enrolled full-time on Mondays who cannot benefit from one of the proposed classes.